Sunfeather Challenge

This was originally posted under my other blog, but I thought I would give it another go and see what happens. I am not the first to notice the great lack of feminine spirit among men. We have been told we cannot be beautiful, compassionate, or graceful. I say, we are balanced human beings. I say, it is in our capacity to be whatever we wish. I am challenging men to go out there and prove it.

The Sunfeather Challenge is to find something Beautiful to do. Specifically, it is about finding something “uncomfortably feminine” to do. Why uncomfortable? Because that is where change occurs. You find the place that divides comfort and unimaginable, and you will end up in discomfort. Maybe you can see yourself crying during a romantic comedy, but you don’t see yourself ever wearing a dress. Taking dance lessons would be uncomfortable, but you’d do it. Then, take dance lessons. Take dance lessons long enough, and they won’t be uncomfortable anymore. Discomfort is the place of eternal change. If it means painting your nails, shaving your legs, wearing a skirt, yoga, or making a video of you singing “I’m just a Girl”, then do what makes you uncomfortable but not unimaginable.

In the end, men need to re-learn how to identify with beauty, emotion, and ultimately, their feminine side. It will not only free them to be balanced individuals, allow them to be more compassionate, but maybe even help take some of the mystery out of understanding women. After all, women are human, too.

Good luck, gentlemen,



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