This site is dedicated to Beauty. There are many types of beauty and many standards of it. But this is not about society’s standards, it’s about mine. And my standards for Beauty are only as physical as what you use your body for. A body that gives hugs to everyone is a Beautiful body. A dancing body is a Harmonious body. To me, Beauty is about love, harmony, and spirituality. Beauty should instill us with peace and happiness.

I believe that all things in life were meant to be seen as Beautiful. I also believe that not all things were meant to be seen as Beautiful all the time. There are times when compassion must give way to logic, and we must try to be Strong instead of Beautiful. We must strive for balance. But I will say that there is a Beauty in Strength and a subtle Strength in Beauty. I just aim for my balance to be a harmonious and equal one. – January 22, 2015

Addendum: What began as a simple spiritual journey has become physical as well, and now this blog will serve as my testament to Beauty and transformation. I will talk about my personal experience of transition from male to female in this blog and document the ups and downs. One day at a time, one step at at time, you can do anything you set your mind to and find Beauty everywhere.

Blessings and enjoy my blog,
River  – September 23, 2016

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